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Get ready for a revolution in medical records. Soon you will be able to get rid of your expensive medical software and computer network guru. Mans Best Vet .com is currently in producing of a new online based software program that will allow you to put all of your medical records online and access them in real time via a standard web browser.

What does our Vet Software Do?

  • Store your Medical Records Online
  • Add/Edit/Delete your Medical Records in Real Time
  • Access the Medical Records 24/7 with Secure, Fast, Reliable Servers
  • Update records from your office, from home, from the road, from anywhere.

How does our Vet Software Work?

  • Internet Records Storage
    • Secure Server
    • Daily Backup / Archive
    • Quick, Reliable, Easy
    • Private, Secure, Confidential Records
  • Record Portability
  • Browser Based
    • Use Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, or others
    • Secure Access via Mans Best Vet .com
  • Patient / Doctor Record Login
    • Set Permission Levels for both Patients and Doctors
    • Private, Secure, Confidential Records

What are the Vet Software Features?

  • Client Information Display
  • Patient Information Display
  • Treatment List
  • Print, Save, Bookmark
  • Password Secure & Secure Server
  • Online Patient Consent Forms
  • Download & Print
  • Digital Signature
  • Computer Install for Faster Processing / Offline Processing
  • Boarding Calendar
  • Inventory Control
  • SOAP
  • Information Search
  • Image Capture / Upload
  • Reports
  • Estimates
  • Reminders via Email
  • Invoice & Billing
  • Vaccination History / Certificates
  • Patient Information Chronology by Category Type

We can make your practice easy to run. Contact us Today!

Mans Best Vet .com
954.523.2181 (tel)



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